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The purpose of this site is to blog about things that happen in the parish of Saint Ann. Pictures of beautiful places and happenings will be placed on the site. General observations will be note along with current discussion topics.

History of Saint Ann

The parish of Saint Ann covers 1212.6 kilometers with a population of 163700 (1999) and is one of the largest, most beautiful and historic parishes in Jamaica. Named Santa Ana by the Spaniards, it is also known as the Garden Parish because of its natural beauty. In this parish Christopher Columbus first set foot on Jamaican soil. Columbus also spent a whole year on this coast, the longest time spent in one place on any of his voyages to the new world. The first capital of Jamaica Sevilla La Nueva – was built in Saint Ann. It was one of the earliest European settlements in the Americas.

The first black African to come to Jamaica also landed in this parish. They came as body servants to the Spaniards. Saint Ann is one of the places where the famous Pimento or Allspice grows. It is also one of the principal area of bauxite mining in the world and it contains the important tourist resort of Ocho Rios. In the earlier times there was a great deal of traffic between Saint Ann and the south coast of Cuba. Mules and cattle were carried in small-decked vessels or open boats. It was also said that the Cuban settlers kidnapped slaves from here though some undoubtedly went voluntarily.





The Old Fort was built about 1750 with stone blocks taken from Sevilla La Nueva. In 1795 the fort was declared useless because of encroachment from the sea, and a new fort was built at Windsor Point out the opposite side of the bay. The Old Fort was adapted as a jail and ‘house of correction”. The jail had solitary cells, a treadmill, a separate room for lunatics, room for debtors, a hospital and jailers quarters. When a visitor visited the town in 1850 he found that the jail had been closed for six months for lack of patronage. At that time he reported that there was no burglary, brigandage or highway robbery in even the most unsettled parts of the island.

Saint Ann’s Bay is the capital and was originally called Santa Gloria by Columbus. Cotter’s Wharf at the end of Bravo Street was used in the filming of the James Bond film, Doctor No. Also of great importance, the parish Saint Ann is the birthplace of Jamaica’s first National Hero Marcus Garvey and the legendary singer Bob Marley. .



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